Gift Subscriptions


1. Install and activate the Gift Subscriptions add-on

2. Create a Gift Subscription page and add the shortcode: [leaky_paywall_gift_subscriptions]

3. Create a Gift Redemption page and add the redemption shortcode: [leaky_paywall_gift_redemptions]

4. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions and set those pages in the Gift Subscriptions settings.

Shortcode for Gift Subscription page

To limit which levels display in the “Select plan” dropdown, use the  subscription_plans attribute like the example below.

[leaky_paywall_gift_subscriptions subscription_plans="0,1"]

Change the email message sent to the purchaser and/or recipient

This will let you do something like creating an HTML email if you would like. You can use the following filters:

leaky_paywall_gift_subscription_purchaser_email_message( $message, $user_id );
leaky_paywall_gift_subscription_recipient_email_message( $message, $user_id);

The first one goes to who purchased/gifted the subscription to another.

The second one goes to who would be receiving the gift subscription.

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